SUE LEDERHOSE... Artist, Teacher

Curriculum Vitae
Artist – Sue Lederhose, nee Mollenhauer

Sue was born in Murgon, Queensland, in the baby boom of the post war era. She was raised on a mixed dairy farm, the middle child of 6 children. Primary schooling was completed at Moffatdale and high school at Murgon. While at high school she dabbled in oil paints and developed an enduring love of country landscapes.

Her first teaching position was to Bamaga, the extreme tip of Cape York. The strong art culture of the traditional Islander people was inspiring and many of these designs were used in her own fabric printing. Sue was transferred to in Mundubbera in 1980.

Here she married, worked in all the schools around Mundubbera including Eidsvold, ran a business, raised a family and generally became part of the community, the church and the volunteer groups. Her interest in art was confined to teaching and promoting it in the schools.

Sue Lederhose

At the beginning of 2002 she decided it was time to pursue the long held dream of learning to paint with watercolours. The transparent beauty and the flow of watercolours were a strong attraction. Watercolour techniques were learnt from books obtained from the local library. In December of that year her fifth child was born but the art continued.

During 2003 Sue was desperate to continue some form of art and so the year was spent with graphite and charcoal which fitted much better into her lifestyle with a reflux baby. Even though working in black and white was a discipline, she now sees it as excellent training in tonal values.

2004 kicked off when Sue (and baby) completed a two-week watercolour course at the McGregor Summer School at the USQ. From there she has attended workshops whenever possible. Sue's inspiration is anything in God's creation. She loves to paint landscapes, flowers and portraitures, both animal and people. Pastels and various mixed media has been explored. Nothing is out of bounds or off limits!

Sue works from her own photos because this suits her. "I've got into the habit of taking my camera with me everywhere. I am continually building up a portfolio of reference photos of animals, flowers and people shapes to be included in paintings at a later date. It's rare that I find a photo that I don't change in some way, whether in composition, tone or colour. Often they are simply used as a reference for the landscape lines, which was the attraction in the first place."

Life drawing from models, once experienced at McGregor Summer schools, is also a delight. The artist has also made it a habit from the very beginning to take photos of finished works before framing for her own records.

The artist prefers to work from a very limited palette as this helps to give her paintings unity. At the beginning of her watercolour experience she considered herself a purist, wanting to paint only with transparent colours only. Now the artist believes in using any medium necessary to achieve the desired effect. Some of the mediums she uses with watercolour include gouache, acrylic, charcoal, ink, pencils, oil and chalk pastels as well as acrylic textural mediums.

The artist has always entered as many art shows and exhibitions as possible and from the onset she has won prizes, first with her graphite and charcoal work, later with her watercolours and her pastel work. She believes competitions are an excellent way to gauge the quality of your own work, expose artworks for sale and move on towards professionalism.

Teaching art has been a goal for her from the beginning. She has found teaching art classes to be particularly rewarding. Her personal goals are to continue to learn from other artists and develop her own style in graphite, charcoal, pastel and watercolour. Exhibiting widely and selling her work is part of her professional approach as well as judging. The artist knows the she is only beginning an exciting journey that will take the rest of her life.

Art Associations

  • Maryborough Art Society
  • FOG, Wondai Art Gallery
  • FOG, Gympie Regional Gallery
  • Mundubbera Art Gallery


  • Sue has been a popular judge at local agricultural Shows in the South, Central and North Burnett regions from 2007 onwards
  • She has judged the Wondai Regional Gallery, South Burnett Regional Awards from 2010 to 2013


  • 2014, Wondai Regional Gallery, 'Bites of the Burnett', watercolour on canvas
  • 2013, RM Williams Bush learning Centre, 'Bites of the Burnett', watercolour on canvas
  • 2013, Gayndah Regional Gallery, 'A Country Girl'
  • 2013, Mundubbera Regional Gallery, 'Bites of the Burnett', watercolour on canvas
  • 2013, Kingaroy Regional Gallery, 'Bites of the Burnett', watercolour on canvas
  • 2013, Mt Perry Gallery, 'My Journey Thus Far'
  • 2012, Gayndah Regional Gallery, 'Bites of the Burnett', watercolour on canvas
  • 2012, Chinchilla Regional Gallery, 'yellow Days'
  • 2011, Gympie Regional Gallery, 'Yellow days'
  • 2011, Maryborough Art Society Gallery
  • 2010, Mundubbera Regional Gallery, 'Cindy and Sue'
  • 2010, Wondai Regional Gallery
  • 2010, Biloela Cultural Centre
  • 2010, Combined exhibition in Maryborough and Bundaberg, United Nations, 'Peace and Harmony'
  • 2009, Mundubbera Regional Gallery, 'Yellow Days'
  • 2005, Mt Perry Gallery, 'The Place Where I am'
  • 2005, Monto Cultural Centre
  • 2005, The Old Warehouse Gallery, Maryborough


  • 2014, Sam Rit Thailand



  • 2015, Kingaroy Regional Gallery, The Australian Light Horse Regiment,- 2nd and Highly commended
  • 2014, Blackall Heartland festival, open Landscape, 1st
  • 2014, THE GRAND HOTEL art exhibition, Gayndah, watercolour, 1st
  • 2014, Nanart, Nanango, watercolour, 1st
  • 2014, Cloncurry, Ernest Henry Art Show, watercolour, 1st
  • 2014, Brigalow Arts festival, Biloela, Powers Accountants acquisitive
  • 2014, Blackall Heartland festival, open Landscape, 1st, THE GRAND HOTEL art exhibition, Gayndah, watercolour, 1st Nanart, Nanango, watercolour, 1st Cloncurry, Ernest Henry Art Show, watercolour, 1st Brigalow Arts festival, Biloela, Powers Accountants acquisitive
  • 2013, Nanango, Nanart, 1st watercolour
  • 2013, Gayndah Orange festival, 1st traditional Landscape
  • 2013, Murgon Art festival, 1st watercolour
  • 2012, Nanango, Nanart festival, 1st & 2nd watercolour
  • 2011, Mt Perry Fine Arts, 1st watercolour
  • 2011, Maryborough Heritage City, 1st watercolour, 1st members prize
  • 2011, Wondai Open Acquisitive, 1st watercolour
  • 2011, Aspects Art Show, Goondiwindi, Allens Pharmacy acquisition prize, Stone Amos acquisition prize, Border Ariel drawing prize 1st, Drawing and Graphic prize, 1st
  • 2011, Roma Easter Art Festival, 1st watercolour
  • 2011, Wondai garden festival, 1st
  • 2010, Mt Perry Fine Arts, 1st landscape
  • 2010, Blackall Art Festival, 1st open landscape
  • 2010, Blackwater packing floor prize
  • 2009, Mt Perry Fine Arts Exhibition, 1st watercolour
  • 2009, Gayndah Orange Festival, 1st traditional landscape
  • 2009, Wondai open acquisitive, 1st watercolour
  • 2009, Nanart, 1st & 2nd watercolour
  • 2008, Mt Perry Fine Arts, 1st acquisitive watercolour
  • 2008, Brigalow Art festival, Banana Shire Council acquisitive award
  • 2008, QRWN, open, 1st & 2nd
  • 2008, Wondai open acquisitive, 1st pastel
  • 2008, Heritage City Art festival, Maryborough, 1st acquisitive religious art & 1st acquisitive pastel landscape
  • 2007, Gayndah Orange Festival, 1st traditional landscape
  • 2007, Wondai Open acquisitive, 1st pastel
  • 2007, Nanart, 1st watercolour
  • 2007, Boondooma Homestead Heritage festival, 1st open
  • 2007, Wondai, Flora and Fauna, 1st open
  • 2006, Brigalow Arts festival, 1st emerging artist
  • 2006, Laidley Art Festival, 1st watercolour
  • 2006, Mt Perry Art festival, 1st watercolour
  • 2006, Biggenden Art festival, 1st landscape
  • 2005, Federal Member for Hinkler, Paul Neville chose a landscape for his 2005 Christmas calendar.
  • 2005, Laidley Art Society, 1st contemporary
  • 2005,Heritage City Art festival, Maryborough, 1st members award
  • 2005, Wondai regional gallery, 1st rainforest secrets
  • 2004, Mt Perry Fine Arts Exhibition, 1st traditional landscape and best in show
  • 2003, Mt Perry Fine Arts Exhibition, 1st black and white, peoples choice and best in show